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What's Included

  • Quick Stop Guide: 1 week of simple but effective kickstart action items to help you combat overeating as soon as you jump into the program

  • A proven step-by-step system with ongoing access: You'll gain instant access to the entire step-by-step roadmap which is proven to help overcome overeating and lose weight for good by providing nutrition support, learning coping skills to manage uncomfortable emotions, urges and thoughts, re-incorporating trigger foods and building confidence. (Never get your hopes up on another diet and no more relying on willpower!)

  • Weekly Planner and Cheat Sheets so that you focus on what is proven to be the most effective. Don't waste more time on fad diets or trying the 40 "tips and tricks" suggested by 4o different people



  • 12 weeks of access to community support: as a special masterclass bonus, instead of just 12 weeks of community support, you'll receive ongoing access for the life of the Stop Binge Eating Program, so you'll never fight alone any more! This is invaluable in holding you accountable and providing support while you release old patterns and implement new skills for lifelong success!  Help is just a click away when you need help most. 

  • growing Q&A vault

  • Bonus Trainings and Materials: 

    • Weight Loss Booster Bundle-​

    • Overcome Nighttime Eating Guide-3 Easy Steps to XXX

  • Easy meal prep guide with flexible meal ideas: to guide you through the transition period between following strict diets to eating what you please without losing control while still losing weight. No restriction involved! 


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