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Kickstart Strategy


Assessment and practical action steps with individualized support to make sustainable habit changes so that you can kickstart your weight loss journey and achieve your goals

Does this sound familiar?

Your Personalized Weight Loss Solution

It's the all-too-familiar story: You pledge to honor a new eating window, and count every last calorie. But soon, you're eating cupcakes at the office and grabbing every happy hour mojitos, thinking, oops, diet over, let's start again next week!

What We Cover

Step 1

Assessment of Needs

We will assess what your current struggles are and what is in the way from achieving your goals. We will identify areas that need to be changed.
Diet Plan
Step 2

Personalized Plan

During our initial consultation, we will also agree on your personalized action steps based on the assessment to get you closer to your goal.
Step 3

Review Session

In the follow-up session, we will review the outcome of your personalized action plan and make adjustments. We will also discuss your next best steps based on your goals so that you can achieve long-lasting results.

What is included in the package:

1 x 30-min Initial Phone Assessment with personalized action plan

1 x 30-min Follow-up Phone/Zoom Consultation for review

If you decide to enrollment in the Stop Binge Eating Program within 3 months of finishing the strategy package, you will get £99 credited towards your SBEP investment. Even if we decide the SBEP is not your next best move, you'll still leave with a personalized action plan so you know what you need to do to move closer to your goals. 

Your investment: £149

You could be the next success story...


Booking Instructions: 

  • Use the link above to purchase the package and book your first appointment. We will arrange the date and time of your follow-up appointment during your initial consultation. 

Policy and Terms and Condition:

  • Please note that we operate a no-refunds policy 

  • We have a 48-hour reschedule/cancellation policy. 

  • Both appointments must be booked within 2 months of purchasing the package