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For women who want to stop binge eating and lose weight for good so that they can feel happy in their own skin and enjoy a future without being controlled by food 

Let's be honest for a minute...

How many times have you got all psyched up to start a diet, only to fail the next day?

How many diets have you tried but failed and wondered if anything even ever works? 

Do you stick to your diet so well during the day but can't stop stuffing yourself at night?

Do you wish you had more willpower so that you could stick to your diet and lose weight so you can enjoy life again?

Do you find yourself reaching for food whenever you have nothing to do?

Do you find yourself stuffing yourself with food whatever emotions you feel...sad...angry... stressed...happy?

Does one bite of food turn into a binge for you, so you put off eating for as long as possible?

Are you tired of "getting back on track on Monday" or "diet starts tomorrow

Do you feel sad that you can't join family dinners, night-outs, parties, or even enjoy a holiday because you're constantly "on a diet"? 

Do you want to feel happy in your own skin and feel confident enough to wear a bikini, crop tops and shorts?

Do you struggle with constant cravings and give in, even though you know you'll regret it? 

Do you live in an all-or-nothing state of mind where there's no freedom to enjoy your favorite treats without causing a binge episode? 

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Discover how you can end the binge-restrict cycle and emotional eating for good and lose weight and keep it off without feeling deprived

Here's what I can help you achieve...

Sustainable Meal Structure

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Establish an eating pattern that is sustainable and displaces binges

Coping Skills

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Learn skills to cope with distress, urges, thoughts and unpleasant emotions


with Triggers

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Identify triggers and find alternative ways to deal with triggers


Challenge Foods

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Re-introduce binge foods back into your diet without losing control



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Improve your ability to exert control over your emotions

Life No Longer

Controlled By Food

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Break free from food obsession and work towards a life worth living

The support you need to reach your goals


the Stop Binge Eating Program

A step-by-step blueprint to help you stop binge eating and lose weight for good by ending the binge-restrict cycle, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting and constant snacking without feeling deprived or hungry so that they can regain control over food and enjoy the freedom you deserve

A complete roadmap to guide you through each essential step, from establishing an eating pattern that displaces binges, to learning skills to cope with urges and emotions, to re-introducing your challenge food back without binging on them and building a life without being controlled by food

From trying different diets, being stuck in the

diet-binge cycle and having uncontrollable cravings

Just Imagine the Difference...

To finally losing the weight for good, feeling in control and happy in your body and enjoying life once again

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You may have started to wonder if anything ever works anymore

With so many diets and influencers out there trying to push a brand new solution or yet another fad...

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"This is the first time that I have been consistent with it and it feels good.

 I have not had any binges since I began the new year. I am so tired of the vicious cycle that has been plaguing me my entire life and made the commitment to do whatever I could do within my power to finally end this hurtful cycle I have done for so long. 

 In the past, I always focused on dieting and weight loss, and I never viewed it as exactly what was setting me back! This has been super insightful for me. 

there definitely has been this shift in how much control I actually do have over my eating disorder that I never recognized before...even if its been here with me my whole life. 

I think the program is very well planned out and thoughtful. Such a simplistic approach but with a profound impact. I want to say thank you for offering this to me as well as anyone else who needs it because I see the value of the program and know it can really help people."

~Cora Bisi, U.K.

In the past, I tried short diets, fasting, normal eating with lots of exercise, intermittent fasting but with wrong nutrition and never stuck to it. 

I don't binge eat now, lost some weight and understanding better my body and what is good for it. 

I like that you are listening to me truly and making changes together that are good for me, guiding how to have long term changes, giving me great idea about nutrition so I can use it all my life, tips and tools. 

Great advice how to change bad habits in positive calm way. 

It's amazing to have a very detailed plan that is suited for you and give you all nutrition and is sustainable. 

I enjoy the program, learnt and implement lots and can't wait for more!

~Avigail Nasi, Israel.

"Hi Helen aw this session was great. You are amazing!"

~Jo Davy, U.K.

"I'm enjoying it. So valuable for me."


"The content was very clear to me. I learnt to think if I'm really hungry or bored. Thank you so much!"

~Nilma Fernandes

"Everything is going well. Consistently eating with no binges, and feel satisfied. I don't desire to eat an entire pack anymore. I feel satisfied with just 1-3 cookies now.


I feel like the food part is being handled well by me and I am learning to listen to my head talk, but more importantly my body talk. The hunger cues and signals. Throughout the day, I'm handling my eating well


It's truly such a remarkable turnaround! I'm in better control. I'm happy about my success and maintenance."

I created the Stop Binge Eating Program to help women who is tired of binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, night eating and overeating and desperately want to lose weight and keep it off, using the same strategies that I (and many happy clients) used to enjoy life again without being controlled by food.

Whether you are stuck in the diet-binge cycle, or you jumped from diet to diet and just kept starting "on Monday" or you just feel overwhelmed in your journey to overcome binge eating, the Stop Binge Eating Program gives you the a step-by-step blueprint alongside personalized support, accountability and community to dramatically get your eating under control, lose weight and transform your confidence. 

Helen Wong
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Nutrition Consultant

The program is designed to teach you the important strategies and guide you through all the necessary steps, motivate you to take action, learn more about your triggers, cravings, emotions and thoughts and stay accountable, so you can overcome binge eating, lose weight and start living life without being controlled by food within 12 weeks through sustainable habit change. 

No dieting! No deprivation!