The All-Too-Familiar "Just One Bite"

"I'll have just one bite"...and before you know it, it has turned into a binge.... ...It was never just one bite... ​ If you're struggling with overeating of any kind, I can say with almost certainty that you're in the stress response, some of the symptoms of which are: not feeling satisfied and not being able to stop when you feel full ... other words, you'll struggle with this black-and-white thinking pattern that makes you unable to stop at just one bite. So instead of continuing with restricting and then letting "just one bite" turn into a binge and stuck with the all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to food, here are 3 tips for you to regain control. #1 Plan and Savor

We've all heard of mindful eating. And while the intention is good, I'll admit I find it hard to slow down and pay attention to the taste and smell and texture every single mouthful. What I do instead is, I plan a nice treat at a time when I can really savor the food. I especially love buying high-quality dark chocolate and it feels extra special and actually let the chocolate melt on my tongue and notice the taste changes. I love sea salt chocolate because of the reason in #2. Also, I never plan "just one bite" because I know it's never just one bite, I usually have a few squares because that's a lot more reasonable to stop and actually satisfies my mind and body. ​ ​ #2 Variety

Include a variety of tastes, flavors and textures. Oftentimes, after dinner, we want some desserts or some sweets. Or after some a bowl of chocolate, we want something salty and crunchy. Because food is not just fuel, but also an enjoyment--something that we want to pursue (and nothing wrong with that! Don't let diet culture fool you) So instead of letting your cravings get overwhelming, plan a variety of tastes and textures into your meals and snacks. #3 Show your food gratitude

Ok, now you might think I'm crazy, but it works! Too often, we judge ourselves for what we eat. We're suddenly a "bad" person if we eat "bad" foods. So now let's flip the script! When Amy first came to work with me, she really struggled with the feelings of guilt and shame for letting herself eat her favorite foods. She'd eat clean during the day, but then at night, her hubby would be having a nice treat and then she'd tell herself "I'll just have a handful"... ...which, obviously, led to her hand travelling back and forth between the bowl of snacks and her mouth...and before she knew it, she finished the entire bowl! She'd beat herself up about it every night and hated herself for it. So when we worked together, we listed some good things that these foods gave her...and we came up with "it makes me happy in the moment", "I love these foods", "it's a nice bonding time with my husband", "it's still fuel and nutrition"... And instead of hating herself for "indulging", she learns to show kindness to herself by showing gratitude to the food. She started by saying to the treats "Thank you for giving me fuel, you're tasty and thank you so much for the satisfaction I'll get from you" Gradually, the guilt diminishes and her feelings towards these foods have shifted massively. And as soon as her mindset shifts and she no longer judges herself for it, she happily allows herself to have her favorite foods and allow herself to enjoy it and actually feel satisfied. The result? Amy no longer feels the need to constantly reach for more!

​What sets the Stop Binge Eating Program apart is, it's not another diet--it helps you not only work on your nutrition, but we also work on your thinking patterns ​(using psychotherapy techniques and evidence-based neuroscience) and learning and implementing skills to break the overeating cycle.

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