Sick of staying stuck? The 6 mistakes to Avoid

If you've spent more than a few months looking for a solution to stop yo-yo dieting, overeating, binge eating, constant snacking, emotional eating​, then make sure you read on and check that you're not making these mistakes...because these are some of the most common mistakes I see women made before they come into the Stop Binge Eating Program and as soon as they rectify these, they put an end to the endless search for a solution too.

Mistake 1: Looking for a diet

From a very young age, the idea that diets are the solutions has been instilled into our brains. But no one has ever told us about the side effects (and terrible, long-term aftermaths of dieting)...overeating, binge eating and yo-yo weight being some of them. Rules and restriction are often the causes but we never thought diets were the problem because we've always been told we need to diet. As a result, we just thought we were the problem: we lacked willpower, we were weak, we had no self-control.

Ever had this "oh, I've ruined my diet. Let me finish the biscuits, the chocolate and the cake too and I'll start again tomorrow" binge?

See this post about the relationship between dieting, the stress response and binge eating to understand why diets cause binge eating.

(Spoiler alert: it' not your fault. And no it's not willpower either.)

Mistake 2: Focusing on the Numbers

As mentioned, we diet to lose weight, but the diets cause us to overeat or even binge, making us gain weight.

However, if you shift the focus from the numbers (weight, calories, macros, points etc.) to healing your relationship with food, then weight-loss becomes a by-product of this healthier relationship with food.

Mistake 3: Blaming yourself

As we've always been told dieting is the solution and we aren't aware of what is actually needed, we end up blaming ourselves for failing.

However, when we look at the stats that over 98% of diets fail, surely, we're not the problem.

The diets are the problem.

The education we've been through is the problem.

It's not you!!

And do you struggle with emotional eating too? How about self-sabotage?

If you struggle with these too, then self-blame just worsens the cycle.

Many people diet to feel better about themselves, they want to feel happy.

We want to get out of the cycle of feeling bad about ourselves, but diets are unsustainable and cause overeating and this causes feelings of guilt, shame, self-doubt..none of which are helpful.

Mistake 4: Not having a support network

One common motivator to lose weight is to "go out more"...

Many people who feel embarrassed about their weight and their eating isolate themselves. Unfortunately, binge eating, boredom snacking, emotional eating thrive on isolation.

Some even hide their eating issues from their family because they feel embarrassed, or like they've done something wrong and end up suffering in silence.

Support is essential for success.

It's important to know that you're not alone in your journey. Humans are social beings and need human interaction. Not meeting this need can easily lead emotional eating.

That's why I created the Stop Binge Eating Community Facebook Group to connect women who have experienced similar struggles.


Mistake 5: Stop doing the same thing over and over again

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

~Albert Einstein.

You think you've tried everything, all the solutions out there?

Nah, you've tried only one: restriction.

Calorie Counting? Restriction!

Weight Watchers? Restriction!

Plant-based? Restriction!

Meal replacement? Restriction!

Keto? Restriction!

Intermittent fasting? Restriction!

All diets have rules and rules lead to stress and deprivation.

Breaking rules leads to the "screw it" mentality and cause binge eating.

You think you've tried everything but you're just trying different variations of the same "solution" and this solution, as you've experienced, has failed you miserably.

Yo-yo dieting, dieting and then binging...these are all vicious cycles.

You can't expect to do the same thing over and over again and see different results.

Deal with the root causes: diet, negative self talk, habits, emotional eating! Otherwise, no matter how many more versions of diets you try, they will NEVER work.

Mistake 6: Working with the "wrong" professionals

While I'm all for investing in your health, choosing who you work with is important.

Let me tell you a story: I used to be a young, aspiring diver who trained 4-6 hours a day, 7 days a week. And I went to a nutritionist for weight loss and she put me on a 500-calorie-a-day tofu diet. Needless to say, I started binging after 2 days and I felt weak and shaky and hit my head against the diving board when I was training.

Great times.

So if you're looking to work with a professional, before you start working with them, understand their philosophy and their beliefs. Avoid professionals or companies who just give you another diet, give you sets of rules or prescribe you a meal plan...because going back to mistake 1, it will just fail! (Ok, let's say for the duration of the time you worked with them, you lost weight, then what? You go back to your old way of eating and gain everything back...and then you blame yourself...)

If you've been struggling with overeating, whether it's yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, having insane cravings, constant snacking, binge eating, nutrition shouldn't be your sole focus. Your coping skills, your mindset, your habits, how you can maintain weight are equally important.

When you're focusing solely on food, you never learn how to live life normally without obsessing over food.

When you work with a professional, make sure they don't just treat the overeating and focus on weight loss, but also deal with the issues that led to the overeating (e.g. emotional eating, dieting) and also teach you how to maintain your results for life.

If you're ready to stop overeating, get off the diet rollercoaster, stop emotional eating, constant snacking and finally lose the weight for good, then check out the Stop Binge Eating Program. With my background in both nutrition and psychology, I work exclusively with women who struggle with overeating-whether it is yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, constant snacking, giving in to hunger and cravings or binge eating.

The Stop Binge Eating program is not another diet or meal plan, but the complete roadmap you need to go from yo-yo dieting, going in circles, to finally losing the weight, enjoying food without guilt and finding the happiness and freedom in life that you deserve.

You learn to deal with all the underlying issues: learning to deal with your emotions, negative self talk, self sabotaging behavior, working with your body again so you can lose weight in a sustainable way, tackling your binge foods systematically so that you no longer struggle with the "screw it" mentality...

Check out the Stop Binge Eating Program now


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