Is Your "Healthy" Eating "Healthy"?

I thought I was a "healthy eater"... I'd spend hours in the supermarket reading food labels, going back and forth aisles picking things up and down I'd freak out if I ended up having foods on my "banned" food list and then tell myself I'd start again tomorrow and binge for the rest of the day I was terrified of sugar, carbs, and fats I had a long list of foods that was "okay"and a much longer one that I had to avoid at all costs I was the friend who'd order a side salad, pretending I wasn't hungry I was someone that stressed out over family gatherings and parties My thinking towards food was very black-and-white. I was either a success or a failure.

Gradually, I had more "bad" days than "good" days I was constantly moody, irritable and shouting at my family I was always stressed I felt lonely in my journey I was low on energy I felt depressed That was when I realized my "healthy eating" wasn't "healthy" at all and what "healthy" actually means...

vegetables, carrots, pineapple, healthy food on table

Healthy eating is not: strict and inflexible diet rules veggies and fruits only cutting out food groups/foods obsessive checking of food labels anything that is not sustainable for life eating habits or not following rules that can cause anxiety, shame and fear Healthy eating is being balanced and having foods that I love in moderation incorporating foods from all food groups enjoying foods nourishing both my mind and my body giving my body what it needs and eating enough to sustain energy not basing what I can eat based on a set of rules or numbers not judging myself based on my food intake or my weight After making these shifts, my energy, my mood and even my health massively improved. I no longer struggled with crazy cravings, being "hangry", dizzy spells, being irritable all the time... My weight also started to fall off gradually (I was so worried at first as I was worried eating more would mean gaining weight or my eating would get out of control) I no longer binged because the extreme hunger went away, so did the irresistible cravings

For so many women that I speak with on a daily basis, they think that diets will improve their health, give them energy, and help them lose weight. BUT more often than not, it leads them to overeat or even binge. And leads to the diet-binge cycle that can last for years or even decades. If your "healthy" eating isn't working for you, I urge you to re-think whether your "healthy" eating is actually "healthy"

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