A Willpower-Free Way to Enjoy Halloween

Concerned about how you’re going to "stay on track" with your "healthy" habits while still enjoying the Halloween candies? ​The reason occasions like Halloween are difficult is because your mind is still wrapped around restriction as being the way you achieve your goals.

Halloween pumpkin with cemetery background

How many times has restriction helped you get what you want?

Instead of just countless times of “screw it” and binge, immense guilt, and the need to restrict even more the next day…

So let’s flip the script this week, without feeling like you need to spend all week mustering up all your willpower and motivation…

So how do you enjoy Halloween without the anxiety, willpower battle and the guilt?

Tip 1: Don't Skip Meals During the Days leading up to the day, OR during the day

Halloween pumpkin with spiders

Restricting during the day or in the days leading up to the occasion where your trigger foods are involved will only lead to overindulgence later.

Eat as you would on a normal day to fuel your body optimally. Plan your 3+2+0 and stick to it!

Tip 2: Eat The Rainbow.

Halloween salad healthy eating

Nourishing your body both physically and mentally is important.

Focus on nutrients, not calories. Fill your plate at each meal with different colored-fruits and veggies as each color has different micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Having enough of these micronutrients reduces the chances of cravings caused by nutrient deficiency.

Tip 3: Stay Hydrated.

Halloween drink for hydration

Water matters, especially when there’s alcohol involved--because alcohol messes with your blood sugar and increases hunger and cravings. We often mistake thirst for hunger, so stay hydrated! (Bear in mind, caffeine such as tea and coffee is a diuretic, meaning it makes you lose more fluids than you take in)

Tip 4: Eat What You Love Every Day.

When you do this, you’ll know what you love is always there and Halloween is not thattttt special, so your brain doesn’t feel the need to go crazy and binge!

Tip 5: Change Your Mindset

Let’s just remember, 1 day of “bad” habits won’t change anything, just as 1 day of “good” won’t change anything either…it’s what you do consistently that matters. Even if you think you’ve overindulged, don’t beat yourself up. You won’t need to eat or work out differently.

Be normal. Wake up tomorrow and enjoy life!

A few children enjoying Halloween holding pumpkin

Ultimately, all holidays and special occasions are opportunities for enjoying time with loved ones


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