Ditch Dieting Lent Challenge

Are you constantly stuck in a binge-restrict cycle? 

Join my 

Ditch Dieting Lent Challenge!

Dieting creates both physical and psychological deprivation for your body, setting up your body to look for large amounts of food. 

Diet culture makes you think you're not good enough when you fail your diet, or that you will be happier when you reach your target weight. 

But as you've probably realized, diets are unsustainable and set you up for failure. 

Stopping dieting means stopping binge eating.

Regain your control over food this lent!

P. S. Did I mention it's 100% FREE?

Who's behind this challenge? 

Hi, my name is Helen and I'm a Nutrition Consultant specializing in helping women stop binge eating.

I personally spent more than 10 years stuck in a binge-restrict cycle and for so many years, I was controlled by food. I felt depressed. I was obsessed with food-literally, my whole world revolved around food. 

And worse still, the harder I tried to diet, the more weight I GAINED! 

...until I realized dieting was the culprit for my binge eating and weight gain

And my happiness returned. I lost weight steadily and I felt in control. 

I want the same for you. 

So in these 40 days, let's work on the first and most important step-ditching dieting!

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