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Beta Testers!
Do you wish you 
could stop binge eating
and lose weight for good without spending a penny? 
I help you lose weight for good by ending the cycle of dieting and binging so that you can enjoy cake, chips and ice cream without feeling out of control and ending up eating everything in sight 




-Stop Binge Eating Clinic-

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Is this you?

​I'm always on a diet, yet I always fall off the wagon. I have no self-control.

I sometimes do OK...until I have a cookie...then my day is ruined and "diet starts tomorrow"

When I'm sad, I eat. When I'm angry, I eat. When I'm happy, I eat. Food gives me love.

I think I'm addicted to food. I can't stop thinking about food!

Hi, my name is Helen!

I am a Nutrition Consultant with additional training and qualifications in psychology and counselling.


I have created the Stop Binge Eating Programme, designed to help you stop overeating using a combination of nutrition and psychological therapy techniques.

And I sincerely invite you to join the beta test

  • Nutrition Consultant Diploma

  • Diet and Nutrition Practitioner Diploma

  • Certificate in Weight Loss Management

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders

  • Certificate in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)


 What is a  Beta Test?

 A beta test is a trial of a programme (or service or product) prior to the official launch to the public.

The participant, who is also the intended user of the programme, validates the outcome, reliability of  the programme and platform. 

Feedback provided by participants helps in enhancing the quality of the programme for future participants. 

Beta Test Phases:

Challenge Food

Commencing on:

18 Nov 2019

Ending on: 

15 Dec 2019

What will be covered: ​​​

  • a few simple tasks each week to help you move you closer towards being able to eat your challenge food (food that you have been avoiding or are scared of because you believe it will cause weight gain or will lead to a binge)

Binge-Proof Nutrition

Commencing on:

30 Dec 2019

Ending on:

26 Jan 2020

What will be covered: 

  • how to keep a food diary that will help you stop binge eating

  • letting go of the diet mentality 

  • binge-proof meal structure

  • mindful eating 

Diet-Triggered Binges

Commencing on:

20 Jan 2020

Ending on:

16 Feb 2020

What will be covered: ​​​

  • challenging your food rules

  • what to do on a day-to-day basis 

  • what to do after "slip-ups"

  • tips for special occasions

Emotional Eating

Commencing on:

27 Jan 2020

Ending on: 

23 Feb 2020

What will be covered: 

  • describing emotions

  • distress-tolerance skills

  • mindfulness 

  • untwist your thinking 

  • reducing emotional vulnerability

  • cultivating positive emotions

What You will Get

  • an opportunity to complete part of the Stop Binge Eating Programme free of charge

  • online weekly lessons (a combination of video/audio recordings, handouts and worksheets)

  • weekly action tasks to reinforce skills learnt 

What is expected of you

  • have an open mind to try new habits and work through different techniques 

  • schedule 1-2 hours each week to complete weekly lessons and tasks

  • schedule an additional 15 mins each day for daily planning

  • complete a weekly feedback form

  • write a testimonial at the end of the beta test

I am interested in the following topics (tick all those apply)...
Which of the following do you struggle with? (choose all those apply)
I agree to providing feedback after completing every module and a testimonial at the end of the beta test

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