"​I love the layout of the program so far. I have been consistently tracking my meals (5 meals a day) for the last 2 weeks. This is the first time that I have been consistent with it and it feels good. I am being mindful but also thinking about some of the things that are spoken about in the videos. I have not had any binges since I began the new year. I am so tired of the vicious cycle that has been plaguing me my entire life and made the commitment to do whatever I could do within my power to finally end this hurtful cycle I have done for so long. 

This has been super insightful for me. In the past, I always focused on dieting and weight loss, and I never viewed it as exactly what was setting me back! I always thought if I just worked out harder and ate healthier then I would break the cycle, even if my eating periods were infrequent. Now I know for sure that the infrequencies have been my downfall and the root cause of my binges and overeating. I have always been really super focused on dieting and over-exercising. I would always feel super hungry, which again would drive me to binge. Now I am taking a relaxed approach where I am not focusing on exercising, but more on what I am eating.


It amazes me in that I have had the tools within my reach within my entire life to stop binging, but I never recognized them till now. Such an incredibly simple idea: no dieting and eating consistently daily and it’s not a new idea but I never aligned with it till now.

I think the program is very well planned out and thoughtful. Such a simplistic approach but with a profound impact. I want to say thank you for offering this to me as well as anyone else who needs it because I see the value of the program and know it can really help people."


​~Cora B., UK, Stop Binge Eating Program

I would like to say a huge thank you for great meal plan and recipes. Always there to answer a question too xx

~Jacqui Croll, Dundee, 1:1 nutrition consultation


Great session

~Dom, London, 1:1 nutrition consultation

The content was very clear to me
I got to think if I’m really hungry or bored.
Thank you so much!

~Nilma F., Stop Binge Eating Program