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Free 5-Day Challenge (without giving up pasta, crisps and chocolate)

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Day 1: 

You'll learn how to snacks to still lose weight while balancing blood sugar levels and controlling cravings, including one of my favorite recipes

Day 2: 

I'll teach you how you can eat a breakfast that sets you up for success for the rest of the day

Day 3: 

You'll learn the simple food swaps that reduce your cravings drastically

Day 4: 

I'll teach you how to cook once and eat at least twice, plus stabilize your blood sugar and keep you from binging on an entire bag of crisps during those Friday film nights  

Day 5: 

You'll learn why managing stress is so integral +2 of the simplest techniques to use anytime, anywhere 

I'm Helen, so nice to meet you! 

I'm a qualified Nutrition Consultant and founder of NutriPsych-Stop Binge Eating Clinic where I help women stop yo-yo dieting, free themselves from being controlled by food and cravings, lose weight for good without depriving themselves of ice cream, pizzas and popcorn! I've gone through the same struggles and I will help you regain control of your eating too! 

I know that this 5-day Challenge works, because I've learnt that cravings are not purely emotional, they're mostly they're mostly physiological, which is WAY easier to handle. Pretty great, right? 

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