Helen Wong
Nutrition Consultant

I help women stop binge eating and lose weight for good without feeling deprived by changing their relationship with food

additional training and qualifications in psychology, psychotherapy and counselling 

recovered from my own eating disorders

Fun Facts About Me:

  • ​I'm an aspiring diver and I've always wanted to do gymnastics but I only started gymnastics as an adult. 

  • Huge animal lover...my faves include squirrels, crows, foxes, lemurs and cats

  • I used to write for newspapers until I realized life as a journalist was pretty much limited to the office

  • I have a terrible fashion sense and I don't like wearing dark tops 

  • I see my autism as an ability, not disability


I went on my first ever diet when I was 7. I hardly knew anything about nutrition back then, but I knew food makes people fat, so I just skipped as many meals as possible. I gave away my packed lunch. At home, I often made up excuses not to have dinner. At first, I was doing great, but then as time went on, I started having overwhelming cravings and I ended up stuffing my face with everything edible for hours every single night. 

​I just couldn’t stop binge eating.
The thing is, during the day I had so much self-control, I was so good, eating only salads, chicken breasts, rice cakes, fruits but then at night, I was out of control…completely. All I wanted were onion rings, crisps, ice cream, chocolate, pizza, and cake. I did everything I was told would help—distraction, water, even apple cider vinegar, or pills that stop you from feeling hungry.

I tried every self-help book, every program suggested to me. 

​Nothing ever worked and food was the only thing I could focus on. “Just one bite”, I promised myself every night, but two hours later, all I had in front of me, was empty chocolate wrappers, pizza boxes, soft drink bottles, noodle packages…and an overwhelming mixture of guilt, shame and self-hatred.
Why did I always fall off track? What was wrong with me?
There MUST be an explanation, and it became my MISSION to find out, which drove me to pursue qualifications in nutrition. 



King's College London


Nutrition Consultant Diploma
Qualified with Distinction, CPD accredited
Diet and Nutrition Practitioner Diploma
Qualified with Distinction, CPD accredited
L5 Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
Oxford Centre
Certificate in Weight Loss Management
Qualified with Distinction, CPD accredited
Certificate in Nutrition
The Health Sciences Academy
Certificate in Healthy Living
Diabetes Management
Awarded by NCFE 

Personal Training/Fitness

L3 Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor Training
Qualified with Distinction, CPD accredited
Health Instructor
Qualified with Distinction, CPD accredited
Professional Yoga Teacher Training Course

Psychology/Counselling/ Psychotherapy

Counselling Skills Course
Qualified with Distinction, CPD accredited
Certificate in CBT for Eating Disorders
Qualified with Distinction
Certificate in Addiction Counselling
CBT (fully accredited)
Certificate in CBT for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias and Panic Attacks
Certificate in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy 
Qualified with Distinction, CPD accredited
Certificate in Gestalt Therapy
Qualified with Distinction, CPD accredited
Certificate in Occupational Therapy