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I help you lose weight for good by ending the cycle of dieting and binging so that you can enjoy cake, chips and ice cream without feeling out of control and ending up eating everything in sight 
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Hey, I'm Helen

I'm a qualified Nutrition Consultant specializing in helping women stop binge eating, emotional eating and yo-yo dieting so that they can lose weight, feel confident and enjoy life without obsessing over food. 

For more than a decade, "just one bite" always turned into empty pizza boxes, chocolate packaging, empty Pringle's tins two hours later...nothing worked!! I hated myself for having no willpower. 

It became my mission to find out what went wrong. Now, 30kg lighter and enjoying food more than ever, I want to help you live the life with freedom that you so truly deserve. 


The Last Weight Loss Solution You'll Ever Need


No More Starving Yourself. No More Willpower Battle.

No More "I'll Start Again tomorrow"

My mission is to help you regain control over food so that you can lose weight, feel confident and enjoy life again without obsessing over food.

Sounds like something I could help you with?

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Starter Resources

Read my articles and free guides to  regain control over food and lose weight.

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Kickstart Package

My 1:1 consultation package for women who want to sidestep the obstacles holding them back right now, create a customized action plan and kickstart their journey to achieving sustainable weight loss. 

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Complete Solution

The complete roadmap for women who want to stop binge eating, yo-yo dieting and lose weight, feel confident and enjoy food again without feeling guilty. No more obsessing over food. No more relying on willpower.

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What People Say

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